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Cheap International Premium Quality Calls to any Destination

IVR Recharge

With our IVR recharge feature, you do not need a computer or internet access to recharge your account. Dial the same access number you usually use to make your call, press the star (*) key for "advanced option" and select option 4. Enter your credit card number, month and year of expiration and the security code on the back of your Credit/Debit card. Select the amount of credit you want and your account will be credited instantly.

Auto Recharge

Never run out of credit on your phone again. Choose our auto-recharge feature and your account will be recharged automatically with an amount that you have pre-selected anytime the credit on your account is reduced to your pre-set amount.

International Mobile Top-Up

Use your account to put credit on your family member or friend's mobile phone anywhere and anytime. Your recipient's mobile phone is recharged instantly.

Direct Dial

Our "Direct Dial" system saves you time by eliminating the need for you to remember your access number and PIN number when making a call. With "Direct Dial"rt you can pre-assign local phone numbers to your international numbers and save the local numbers in your phone book. When you want to call the international phone number, locate the local number associated with the international phone number and press call. The international phone number will ring immediately.

Referral Program

Refer your friends and family to us and we will show our appreciation by giving you a one-time 10% commission on the amount your referee use to purchase our service. There is no limit to the number of referrals or commissions that you can get. Make as many referrals as you can and never have to buy recharge credit again.

Apple and Android Mobile Dialer

Register with us and download our Apple or Android mobile application. Invite your family and friends to do same and you can all enjoy free calls over our network so long as you have a data plan on your phone.

How It Works


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